Fold, Column & Stunt

'Fold': latex sheet (200x100cm), 'Column': tulle (270x59x59cm), 'Stunt': pencil on pink newsprint (100x64cm) 2013

An installation following a residency at the Departure Foundation's 'Open Plan' project space - an un-let office on Gracechurch Street in the City of London.

The space was bland and repressive, the resulting physical and emotional effects became my line of enquiry.

A ghostly, translucent column descends from the gridded, flourescently-lit ceiling.  The adjacent fleshy form, draping down like a hammock quivers intermittently from the air conditioning's icy blasts.  Suspended close by is a large sheet of dull pink newsprint, which curls on to the grey carpet.  Mapped out is the shape of something like a stunted tree.  Pencil marks resonate from the absent image, describing a lost thing, as if reacting to a magnetic force and as they radiate outwards the trace becomes less descriptive as the memory begins to disperse and fade.

Working alongside fellow artists: Birgitte Aasen, Alex Chalmers, Robin Gardiner, AnnaMaria Kardos, Carol Mancke, Natalie Sanders and Charlotte Young.


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