My work suggests the potential for a world beyond the prosaic. Through intricate drawings of isolated commonplace items I seek to elevate the ordinary and by modifying found objects investigate how our perceptions of a thing can be shifted. I am intrigued by CS Lewis’s ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe’ until the characters step into Narnia, as for me; the mere suggestion of another world from the comfort of the commonplace is far more compelling.

I explore the fine line between fact and fiction through the juxtaposition of objects and images in order to spark new relationships - the idea of seemingly disparate events melding together to create new narratives. ‘Things which are irreconcilable, yet together’ is something that Yoko Ogawa explores in her novella, ‘Dormitory’ (from ‘The Diving Pool’, pub. Harvill Secker 2008):

‘Only the windows caught the light, sparkling brilliantly.  Somewhere, behind one of those windows, someone had disappeared: I was rubbing the managers back and my cousin was held up because someone had thrown themselves in front of a train.  There was nothing to connect these three facts, but for some reason they had melted together in the reflection from the window.’

Through sculpture, photography and drawing I explore the associations that may be stirred through the materiality of things and how through some kind of simple intervention or re-framing, our experience of something can be subtly affected.